Ayran Machine Types

Ayran Machine Types

Ayran Machine Types

The history of ayran dates back to 500 BC. The Göktürks, who reigned in those years, wanted to bring a solution to the sourness of yogurt. They added water into the yogurt to reduce the sourness of the yogurt. As with many dishes and inventions, the emergence of buttermilk happened by chance.

They thought of a name to denote the water added to the sour yoghurt. This name was mentioned for the first time in Ahmet Yesevi’s work Divan-ı Lugat-it Türk. Its definition is “beverage obtained from milk”. Today, it is mostly consumed in Turkey. In addition, it is consumed in countries such as Armenia

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, Azerbaijan, Iran and Bulgaria. Ayran is made with water and yoghurt in desired measures. It is made according to the taste of the people as dark and clear. On the other hand, buttermilk is called buttermilk when it is made with plenty of foam. Especially since it is consumed with meat dishes, there are ayran machines in kebab shops. These machines used include logic similar to the classical production of buttermilk.

It ensures that the buttermilk remains homogeneous all the time. It also allows you to make liters of ayran in a short time. Since the interior of the ayran machines is in direct contact with the beverage, it must be produced from high quality raw materials. At this point, Karçığ Buttermilk Machines will be your best option. Ayran machines allow products to be stored and kept hygienically. In addition, Ayran machines ensure that the buttermilk is kept homogeneous and always fresh. Since it is made of steel covered with stainless and scratch-proof material used in the construction of ayran machines

, it offers a long-term guarantee of use. The images of the products are on the site for promotional and idea purposes.

Karçığ Cooling is your most reliable address for the production of buttermilk machines in the most suitable design and size for your business . It is the best friend of your pocket with its production as well as sales. You can do your shopping on our website with the peace of mind of buying quality at an affordable price.

We are always with you with our expert team in every subject you can think of, such as the selection of products and design. The point where you want to buy the counter and cooling systems of the highest quality and at the cheapest price is as far as a website from Karçığ CoolingWe send products with designs suitable for the customer portfolio all over Turkey.

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