Types of Kebab Cabinets

Types of Kebab Cabinets

Kebab Cabinet

Dry aged is a method for flavoring meat. It is obtained by keeping the meat sections taken from the most valuable parts of dry aged meat under special conditions, with a lower limit of 21 days. This adds flavor to the meat and helps in digestion. Dry aged cabinets, which are a kind of refrigerator, ensure that the meat does not deteriorate while waiting for at least 21 days. Dry aged cabinets provide moisture to the meat. It is important that it remains at 80 percent values. Thus, it ensures that the outer side of the meat is covered with mold for the elapsed time.

The process of getting the flavor of the meat starts after this point. The feature that the dry aged method should have in order to use it most effectively is cold air circulation. The air circulated by the fan is in contact with all surfaces of the meat. The cooling method is put into practice in this way. One of the important points is the stability of the cold environment. That is, the cold air must remain at the same degree and continuously. The degree in the cabinet should be at most 4 and should not exceed it.

This degree allows the formation of enough bacteria to decompose the whole meat. This causes the meat to fall into scrap. The last feature that Dry Aged Cabinets should have is sterilization. Cabinet materials must be produced from the highest quality raw materials. Because it is very important to prevent the entry of air from the outside. The doors must be produced with high quality technology as in the cabinet. Air inlets will cause deformations.

For this reason, Karçığ Kebab Cabinets are made of steel covered with stainless and scratch-proof material used in their construction, and they offer a long-term guarantee of use. It is made with both high quality and the most hygienic materials. The images of the products are on the site for promotional and idea purposes. Karçığ Cooling is your most reliable address for the production of dry aged cabinets in the most suitable designs and sizes for your business. You can do your shopping on our website with the peace of mind of buying quality at an affordable price.

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