Kumpir Stand

Kumpir Stand

Kumpir stand consists of bench, cabinet and case integrity. Inside the stand, there is a bakery cabinet, a counter for the preparation of baked potato, under-counter cupboards, a safe section and a counter where the customer receives service. The stand is positioned in front of the bar or in front of the kitchen. There is no standard size. The measure to be manufactured is carried out in accordance with the dimensions requested by the customer. Different designs can be mentioned for different workplaces. It allows the application of the desired design as a whole section.

The cabinet part keeps the products at a temperature set between 0 degrees and +10 degrees. It has a unique lighting unit. The skeleton system and other metals used are industrial stainless chrome nickel plated scratchproof steel. It is durable for many years. And it is resistant to wear over time. The desired style can be made. It can be used as a baked potato or waffle section on both sides of the stand .

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