Bakery Bread Cabinet

Bakery Bread Cabinet

Bakery Bread Cabinet

Bakery Bread Cabinet In the ovens where thousands of breads are produced daily

Bread is kept in large cabinets until it reaches the consumer. These bakery cabinets are airtight with a lid and a glass front. These cabinets used in ovens should be in a condition that will not cause problems in terms of hygiene.

There are more types of bread in bakeries than types of bakery products. Since most bakeries only produce bread

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, flat, clean and easy-to-open bread cabinets are preferred instead of functional display cabinets. There should be wicker wood and crumb drawers under the oven cabinets. Thanks to this crumb drawer, the crumbs falling from the bread will not stick to other breads and it will be easier to clean the cabinet. Cabinets used in ovens do not need to operate with electricity.

Since the breads produced are usually delivered to the consumer on the same day

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, there is no need to cool the bread. One of the most important points in the oven cabinets is that when the door of the cabinet is closed, air does not leak inside. In this way, the breads maintain their freshness during the day.

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